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Elevate Money and Boxabl have joined forces to launch a revolutionary new real estate investment fund dedicated to the future of housing, coming Summer 2023.

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The Future of Housing Fund with Boxabl

We believe the partnership between Elevate Money's Future of Housing Fund (FOHF) and Boxabl makes this investment opportunity truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate Money has the first right to purchase a minimum of 10% of Boxabl's monthly Casita production, which currently has a waitlist of over 170,000 homes.

Boxabl has reinvented home construction. By creating modular housing units on a factory assembly line that can be “folded” and loaded onto a standard-sized truck trailer, Boxabl intends to disrupt the traditional home construction industry and offer a more sustainable and affordable alternative.  

Nyjah Huston, six-time world champion skateboarder and a paid Elevate Money brand advisor

“With the upcoming launch of the Future of Housing Fund and our partnership with Boxabl, we will create home communities that are affordable and appealing to all Americans.”

Harold Hofer
Elevate Money CEO

Mission Critical, the Housing Crisis

The United States is facing a housing affordability crisis. This problem has worsened over the past few years, post-pandemic. The crisis is affecting millions of Americans, making it difficult for them to afford decent housing. The problem stems from both affordability and availability.

"Longstanding research holds that the average household should spend no more than 30 percent of its income on total occupancy costs to maintain affordability. Anything above that threshold indicates economic distress."
- Urban Land Institute


As of December 2022, the median American household would have to spend 43% of their income to afford the median-priced house.

Federal Reserve


The National Association of Realtors states that the U.S. faces a housing shortfall of 5.5 million housing units. NAR says that eliminating this gap will likely take more than a decade.

NAR Housing Supply Crisis

Meet Boxabl, a scalable solution

The housing crisis in the United States is a complex and multifaceted issue that requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach to solve.

Elevate Money’s FOHF was created to bring investment capital and innovation to the affordable housing sector.  What makes our FOHF unique is our partnership with Boxabl.

Boxabl is changing the game when it comes to affordable housing by mass-producing homes in a factory setting and efficiently delivering these “folded” homes to building sites. Boxabl's goal is to build houses at a lower cost than anyone. A traditional single-family home takes an average of 7 months to build. Yet, the Ford F-150 factory in Michigan builds a truck every 53 seconds. The homebuilding industry is over-ripe for disruption and innovation.

5.5 million
Housing unit shortfall according to NAR1
In new commercial real estate construction2
Average time to build a single-family home2
4 hours
Average time to build a Boxabl Casita3

1. NAR

2. Census Bureau Report

3. Time to build as of February 2023

“I can’t think of a larger market to disrupt or a product with a bigger potential upside. Building construction is a top 5 industry in the world. A multi-trillion dollar market and Boxabl’s goal is to build a system that can service almost all of it.”

Galiano Tiramani, Boxabl Founder

Deliver a house, systematically

Boxabl’s on a mission to build and deliver a house systematically just like an automobile. The key is shipping.

Factory development of housing isn’t new. Manufactured homes have been around for a long time, but they have only been able to capture about 10% of the market. Why? Shipping!

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Boxabl’s patented production process has made houses shippable. They are highway legal and can be shipped at the lowest possible cost, and the benefits are huge! Huge automation, huge scale, and huge bulk purchasing power all lead to driving down the cost for the homeowner.

Boxabl’s innovative modular homes, which can be easily transported and assembled on-site, offer a sustainable, customizable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional homes. Boxabl is not just building small houses; its goal is to drive a quantum shift in all building construction on the planet.

June '21

Elon Musk famously is one of the first Boxabl Casita owners.

April '22

DR Horton, the U.S.’s biggest home builder, invests in Boxabl and orders an initial 100 Boxabl Casitas.  

June '22

Boxabl completes a $9.2 million, 156-Casita U.S. Government order for military housing.

January '23

Boxabl raises over $140 million through crowdfunding and VC's. The current valuation is $3.3 billion.

February '23

Boxabl opens a second Las Vegas factory.

March '23

Boxabl and Elevate Money enter into partnership agreement.

Join the revolution and future-proof your portfolio

As Elevate Money partners with Boxabl on its mission to revolutionize the housing industry and make affordable housing a reality for everyone, we invite you to join us in creating a new economy for affordable housing through our Future of Housing Fund.  

Elevate Money’s FOHF has the first right to purchase a minimum 10% of Boxabl’s monthly production. Boxabl has 63 patent filings protecting their system, they’ve raised over $140m from 50,000+ investors and VC's to fund their expansion, and they have received heavy demand for their Casita units with a 170,000 homes waitlist. Elevate Money’s partnership with Boxabl allows the FOHF to enjoy a tremendous first-mover advantage.

Boxabl Casita Community Concept

This Future of Housing Fund (FOHF) will offer investors a unique growth strategy focused on real estate investment opportunities that positively impact housing in the United States.

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Affordable housing

Student housing

Military housing

Disaster relief

Special events

Short-term rentals

Vacation homes

Home office

About Elevate Money

Our mission is to democratize real estate investing and empower all investors with the ability to build a balanced portfolio and accumulate long-term wealth. We strive to provide access to high-quality real estate investments that were previously out of reach for most individuals, by offering an innovative and user-friendly investment platform that prioritizes transparency, simplicity, and diversification. Our core values are integrity, responsibility, and excellence, and we are committed to creating value for our investors while promoting financial inclusion and education.

Elevate Money founders, Harold, Alex, and Sach at Boxabl HQ with Galiano Tiramani

Todd Gurley, former NFL running back and a paid Elevate Money brand advisor

Elevate Money launched its first real estate investment fund to the public in 2021, focused on income-producing commercial properties. The company has declared 18 consecutive monthly dividend payments with an annualized yield of 6.5%.

The Boxabl partnership will fuel the launch of our second investment vehicle, the Future of Housing Fund (FOHF), which will also be made available to the public through our app and website.

By signing up for the waitlist you will be notified of updates and be the first to know when the fund is launched and available for investing.  

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What am I signing up for?

You are signing up to receive updates on Elevate Money’s Future of Housing Fund. There is no obligation to invest by joining the waitlist.  

What is FOHF?

The Future of Housing Fund (FOHF) is Elevate Money’s new real estate investment fund in partnership with Boxabl. FOHF’s focus is on housing affordability, availability, and sustainability.

When will FOHF be open for investment?

We estimate that FOHF will be available for investors Summer 2023.

What is FOHF's investment strategy?

FOHF intends to use the proceeds from the sale of its shares to develop housing communities populated with Boxabl Casita units.  It is expected that our Casita customers will (a) rent the land on which their Casita unit sits and either (b) rent or (c) buy the Casita units that they live in. 

What is the minimum FOHF investment amount?

The minimum investment is $1,000. If you're already an investor with Elevate.Money, the minimum will be $500. No investor accreditation will be required.

How will FOHF make money?

Securities laws prohibit us from publishing forecasted investment returns. However, we expect to generate investment returns from (a) Capital Appreciation, as reflected in changes in our FOHF share price derived from creating value through the development of Casita communities, and (b) Dividends, derived from our Casita customers' rental and mortgage payments. There is no guarantee that FOHF will in fact make money and please refer to all risk disclosures in the FOHF Offering Circular (which is currently in registration with the SEC).

What happens if I sign up for the waitlist but choose not to invest?

Nothing, you are not obligated to invest. You are only signing up for updates.

Do I get to buy a Boxabl through Elevate Money?

No, you will not be able to buy an individual Boxabl housing unit through our FOHF.  Rather, you are investing in a fund that is providing housing solutions to others through home development strategies formulated by Elevate Money and Boxabl.

Where can I learn more about Boxabl?

Please visit

Where can I learn more about Elevate Money?

Please visit or email us with your questions.

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