Sachin Jhangiani, Harold Hofer,
and Alex Cruttenden

About Us

The idea of building wealth through private real estate investing is universal. The problem is that until now, access has been largely limited to accredited  and institutional investors because large sums of capital are required to purchase real estate directly, or because private real estate partnerships had high net worth exclusivity barriers.

“Our mission is to make real estate investing accessible to more investors.”

We Work for You

Elevate Money is working to remove these barriers, and investors can access the benefits of real estate investing with as little as a $100. We make it easier for investors to potentially  start earning passive real estate income without the hassle. Our job is to do the heavy lifting– finding, buying, and managing commercial real estate on your behalf. We purchase the assets through a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), which is a fund that owns a portfolio of real estate assets.

Every month our tenants pay us rent and our goal is to redistribute those payments net of costs and reserves to our investors in the form of monthly dividends, subject to the approval of the REIT's Board of Directors.  You simply determine how much and how often you want to invest and within 5 minutes, you can start having your money work for you.

Our Team


Financial investing platforms must deliver two competencies: 1. Does the platform’s team understand how to access the investment product, and 2. Does the platform’s team understand how to efficiently deliver the investment product to the customer. As concerns Elevate Money, the answers are “yes” and “yes”. We combine cutting edge technology to deliver thoroughly vetted real estate investments to our customers.

Our team has decades of real estate investing experience with hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transaction volume and product design experience with a leading fintech app. Together, we bring you Elevate Money.

Harold Hofer

Sachin Jhangiani

Alex Cruttenden

Our Advisors


We have a select few Advisors from some of fintech's most innovative companies.

Eli Broverman
Co-Founder, Betterment

Jeffrey Cruttenden
Co-Founder, Acorns & Say

Daryl Carter
Real Estate Investor

Phil Haslett
Co-Founder, EquityZen

Atish Davda
Co-Founder, EquityZen

Bijan Moshayedi
Real Estate Entrepreneur

Laurielle Russell
Market Strategist, Google

Jean Ho
Ex-COO, Rich Uncles

Luke Morris
Co-Founder, CREXI