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New Offering:  The Future of Housing Fund with Boxabl is now live!

Two Real Estate Investment Strategies


Commercial properties income-focused REIT

Future of Housing Fund

Residential properties growth-focused REIT featuring Boxabl

1Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

The Future of Housing Fund with Boxabl is open for investment

We've teamed up with Boxabl to launch a new real estate fund focused on modular housing.

Boxabl has reinvented home construction. By creating modular housing units on a factory assembly line that can be “folded” and loaded onto a standard-sized truck trailer, Boxabl intends to disrupt the traditional home construction industry and offer a more sustainable and affordable alternative.  

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Boxabl Casita Community Concept

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Become a Landlord

Gain exposure to real estate through Elevate Money by owning a fractional interest in real estate and earn passive income.


STNL+ Income-Focused REIT Learn More

1Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

Capital Appreciation

If our properties go up in value, you participate in this growth.

Experienced Team

Our Founders and advisors have over 100 years of combined real estate investing experience.


STNL+ Income-Focused REIT currently has two properties, and as shares are sold, we will add more properties and each investor will own a pro-rata portion of the entire portfolio.

Direct Investment

Elevate is not a marketplace. We are the direct manager of all real estate owned in the portfolio, which means you can have the confidence of knowing who you are dealing with.

Privacy Matters

We are not in the business of selling your information to Wall Street or anyone. Your privacy is important to us and your information is secure and will not be sold. Privacy Policy


Check out our Dividend Calculator to learn how much you can potentially earn investing in the STNL+ Income-Focused REIT.


Easily set up recurring monthly investments to incrementally add to your portfolio.

Schedule your investments

Elect to invest on a monthly schedule or bi-monthly schedule.


Build your investment in real estate and grow your portfolio.

Investment Strategy

Our goal is to generate consistent, predictable monthly cash flow for Elevate’s investors from many properties that are diversified by use, location, and lease term.

STNL+ REIT: Income-Focused

Most American businesses lease properties and with Elevate you can become their landlord.

Future of Housing Fund REIT: Growth-Focused

In partnership with Boxabl, the FOHF REIT will focus on real estate value growth opportunities via Boxabl Casitas modular home communities.

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STNL+ Strategy

Elevate purchases properties that pass its rigorous
Elevate Lens + screening. View our portfolio.

8500 McCart Ave.

This property is a Family Dollar located in Fort Worth, Texas. The building was newly constructed for Family Dollar in 2011, and Family Dollar has operated continuously at this location since then.

Fort Worth

538 St Andrews Rd

This investment property is a Shell branded gas station and Pops Mart branded convenience store located in the state capital city of Columbia, South Carolina. The site has been an operating Fuel Station and C-Store for 45+ years (since 1977), and completely reconstructed in 1997, with additional renovations in 2021-2022.

South Carolina

Acquiring More Properties

Elevate Money is currently searching for its next property to acquire to add to our portfolio. Stay Tuned.

Target Assets

Single use properties subject to long-term leases with creditworthy tenants located nationwide.

Types of Properties

Our properties include quick service restaurants, dollar and convenience stores, car washes, and gas stations.

Property Values

Our properties range in value from $1 to $3 million, facilitating fund diversification.

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