May 2, 2023
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Elevate Money x Boxabl

Elevate Money signs a one-of-a-kind partnership agreement with innovative modular housing builder Boxabl to launch the Future of Housing Fund.

Elevate Money is pleased to announce a new partnership with Boxabl. With this partnership, Elevate Money has the first right to purchase a minimum of 10% of Boxabl's monthly Casitas production, which currently has a waitlist of over 170,000.

Elevate Money x Boxabl

Elevate Money’s Future of Housing Fund (FOHF) will be open to all investors with a $1,000 minimum and is expected to be ready to accept shareholders upon SEC qualification, estimated to be summer 2023. The FOHF is being formed to develop and own affordable housing communities populated by Boxabl Casitas.

FOHF aims to bring investment capital and innovation to the affordable housing sector.  Elevate Money’s partnership with Boxabl allows the FOHF to enjoy a tremendous first-mover advantage. “With the upcoming launch of the Future of Housing Fund and our partnership with Boxabl, we will create home communities that are affordable and appealing to all Americans,” said Harold Hofer, Elevate Money’s CEO.

Mission Critical, the U.S. Housing Crisis: The United States is facing a housing affordability crisis. This problem has worsened over the past few years, post-pandemic. The crisis is affecting millions of Americans, making it difficult for them to afford decent housing. The problem stems from both affordability and availability. “I can’t think of a larger market to disrupt or a product with a bigger potential upside. Building construction is a top 5 industry in the world. A multi-trillion dollar market and Boxabl’s goal is to build a system that can service almost all of it” states Galiano Tiramani, Boxabl Founder.

Boxabl is on a mission to factory-build and deliver a house systematically, just like an automobile. Boxabl’s patented production process has made its Casitas shippable on a standard-sized truck trailer. Boxabl’s automation, scale, and bulk purchasing power all lead to driving down the cost for the ultimate homeowner.

Boxabl’s innovative modular homes, which can be easily “unfolded” and assembled on-site, offer a sustainable, customizable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional homes. Boxabl is not just building small houses; its goal is to drive a quantum shift in all building construction on the planet.

As Elevate Money partners with Boxabl on its mission to revolutionize the housing industry and make affordable housing a reality for everyone, investors are invited to sign up for the waitlist, and join in creating a new economy for affordable housing through our Future of Housing Fund.  

The Future of Housing Fund is expected to receive SEC qualification and be able to accept investments by summer, 2023. To get announcements and updates please join our waitlist on this site.

About Elevate Money

Elevate Money is an online real estate investing platform making real estate accessible to all. Its mission is to democratize real estate investing and empower all investors with the ability to build a balanced portfolio and accumulate long-term wealth. The company has raised $4m to date and is actively raising capital to fund its growth. For more information please visit our Homepage.

About Boxabl

Boxabl is a company that has reinvented home construction. By creating modular housing units on a factory assembly line that can be “folded” and loaded onto a standard-sized truck trailer, Boxabl's mission is to revolutionize the standard of housing construction and affordability with its innovative, technology-based solution to mass-produce homes through advanced manufacturing.  For more information please visit

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