How it works

You’re buying shares in our Real Estate Investment Trust.  The goal is to purchase multiple properties, and in turn as a shareholder, you indirectly own an interest in all of these properties. We find, buy, and manage these properties directly.

Review the Offering Circular


We use your investment, and the investment of others, to buy additional properties. We raise more money as we sell more REIT shares, and buy more properties with the goal of creating diversification. This is a medium to long term investment.

The properties shown are not owned by Elevate.Money. The images are meant to show examples of the type of properties which may be targeted based on our REIT’s investment strategy.


As we purchase assets and those property tenants pay rent each month, our goal is, in turn, to pay dividends to our shareholders each month.

* Dividends are declared our REIT’s Board of Directors and are not guaranteed. Learn more


At the end of every year, our properties are appraised by third parties. The price of our REIT shares is adjusted to reflect any value changes.

Selling Shares

An investment in our REIT shares should be regarded as a medium to long-term investment. However, if the need to sell shares arises, we offer a monthly share repurchase feature allowing shares to be sold back to us.

This repurchase feature is governed by our REIT’s Board of Directors and is not guaranteed. Learn more